Richard Benjamin Voigt

Current Address
1021 West Phillips Street
Alvin, TX 77511
(832) 868-4286


Medical Equipment / Software / Networking / Signal Processing

Licensed Professional Engineer

State of Texas seal number 122306 Granted December 2015


University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA September 2002 - May 2015
Ph.D. in Electrical and Systems Engineering, completed May 2015, dissertation "VIVA: An Online Algorithm for Piecewise Curve Estimation using ℓ0 Norm Regularization"
MSE in Electrical Engineering completed December 2003 with Cumulative GPA: 3.95 / 4.00
Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS August 1998 - May 2002
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, May 2002, summa cum laude, honors research program
155 undergraduate and 6 graduate hours completed with Cumulative GPA: 4.00 / 4.00

Professional Experience

Embedded Engineer, Sparx Engineering, Pearland, TX March 2010 - present
Engineering Researcher, Resuscitation Research Lab, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, TX 2007 - 2014
Software Engineer, Advanced Projects, Wyle Laboratories, Houston, TX September 2005 - March 2010
  • Trained new programmer on electrocardiogram analysis system and completed handover of development support responsibilities
Computer Software Developer and Consultant, Advanced Projects, Wyle Laboratories, Houston, TX September 2001 - August 2005
  • Enhanced feature set and added real-time network interface to interface/conversion software to allow data to be streamed for live monitoring of electrocardiograms during spacewalks and simulations
  • Tested and demonstrated electrocardiogram analysis system including my interface/conversion software in Mission Control during the STS-109 Hubble Telescope Repair Mission
Summer Intern, Medical Informatics and Health Care Systems, Wyle Laboratories, Houston, TX May 2002 - August 2002
  • Characterized data corruption present in previously collected electrocardiogram data and verified that new analysis system maintained spectral and clinical signal fidelity
Summer Intern, Advanced Projects, Wyle Laboratories, Houston, TX May 2001 - August 2001
Computer Software Developer and Consultant, Advanced Projects, Wyle Laboratories, Houston, TX January 2001 - May 2001
Summer Intern, Advanced Projects, Wyle Laboratories, Houston, TX June 2000 - August 2000
Student Consultant, CIS Department, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS Feb 1999 - May 1999
Network Technician, Kansas Archiving Service, McPherson, KS 1995 - present
  • Assembled, configured, and administered servers and routers, implemented web sites and hosting


  • Windows NT Workstation; 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8.x, 10 Professional; NT, 2000, 2003, 2008 Server; Unix and Linux via terminal and X-Windows
  • Microsoft Office and Lotus Smart Suite, LaTeX, TikZ, pgfplots
  • VHDL, Verilog, MATLAB; Synopsys, ModelSim and Altera Quartus; Spice, Magic, Altium Designer
  • C++98/11/14, C#, Java, Perl, Tcl/Tk, Visual Basic, and DHTML; SQL
  • Debugging with Visual Studio, windbg (user and kernel), and gdb
  • Development for x86 and x86_64, ARM9, Cortex-M and Cortex-A, TI DSP and MSP430, and Microchip PIC processors
  • Cisco IOS, configuration of IP Routing (IOS and Quagga), Packet Filtering (IOS and iptables), Spanning Tree (802.1d), wireless (802.11, Ant, Bluetooth), DHCP, DNS


first awarded April 2007
September 2002 - August 2005
  • Tau Beta Pi, the national engineering honor society; chapter treasurer 2000 - 2001
inducted Fall 1999
  • Eta Kappa Nu, the electrical and computer engineering honor society; chapter secretary 2001-2002
inducted Spring 2000
inducted Spring 2000
Fall 1998 - Spring 2002
Fall 1998 - Spring 2002